Previs for Feature Film “The Accidental Rebel” with ShotPro

This video shows a comparison between PreVis and finished scene from the feature film The Accidental Rebel, which I worked on as Director of Photography.

watch on Vimeo here


When I started pre-production with director Randa Chahoud in 2017 for The Accidental Rebel, we wanted to shot list the more elaborate scenes first. There were a couple of scenes including VFX, SFX and action set pieces, like the escape from the Syrian torture prison.

To communicate more easily with different departments I was searching for a simple and cost effective PreVis software. After some research I decided to try the MacOS version of ShotPro. There are also versions for Windows, Android and iOS available (iOS comes with additional features like AR and Mocap).

The basic version of the app can be bought for less than 50 Euros. Numerous extension packs are available to purchase to add more models, effects and functions. But for my needs the basic version was sufficient.

Learning the software was relatively easy. You shouldn‘t be too ambitious when it comes to animation and design choices but that is not really important for a previs anyway. I did not use the camera cut function. Instead I exported all the different shots in full length and then edited the scene in FCP X.

User Interface of ShotPro PreVis Software
User Interface of ShotPro on my 15inch MacBook Pro.

In the end the previs was really helpful in designing the shots and communicating with the grip, light, SFX and VFX teams. Additionally I loved playing around with the camera in the 3D space and discovered some nice shots that I might otherwise not have thought of.


English Trailer

German Trailer for The Accidental Rebel

Official Website for Nur ein Augenblick

some Behind the Scenes photos 

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