PreVis for "Nur ein Augenblick" / "The Accidental Rebel"

Previs for Feature Film “The Accidental Rebel” with ShotPro

This video shows a comparison between PreVis and finished scene from the feature film The Accidental Rebel, which I worked on as Director of Photography. watch on Vimeo here   When I started pre-production with director Randa Chahoud in 2017 for The Accidental Rebel, we wanted to shot list the more elaborate scenes first. There were […]

Using Atmosphere Aerosol Haze for Outdoor Filming

We already talked about using Atmosphere Aerosol for our promotional short film Vines in a recent blog post. Nevertheless, we wanted to share more insights on using and buying it in Europe/Germany. We created a video to show what the haze looked like before and after grading/VFX. Watch this Video on YouTube  Haze In A Can But […]

“Vines” Film and Making-of-Part 1: Preproduction and Filming

When I started planning the cost-efficient promotional Short Film VINES together with 3D-Artist/Filmmaker Noah Hähnel, we did not anticipate that it would take almost a year to finish it. Below you can watch our short film, a short Making-of Video and read about Pre Production and Filming. A post about Post Production and one about […]
Director of Photography Sören Schulz

Wrapped on Feature Film “The Accidental Rebel”

I recently finished shooting my first feature film The Accidental Rebel (Working title was The Rebel) as director of photography. Directed by Randa Chahoud, The Rebel tells the story of the young Syrian student Karim (Mehdi Meskar), who is leading, together with his pregnant girlfriend Lilly (Emily Cox), a carefree life in Hamburg. When he finds out that his brother […]
GH5 Autofocus Test

GH5 Autofocus Test

I just shot a small Jewelry commercial (you can watch it here or at the end of this article) for which we chose the Panasonic GH5 (why we chose that camera I will explain in an upcoming post). I knew I had to use the autofocus for some gimbal slow-motion shots so together with co-director Noah […]