directed by Sören Schulz

Making “The Last Goodbye”

I recently re-uploaded my 2003 short film The Last Goodbye (Der Abschied) in a slightly better quality to Youtube. The film was shot on Super 16mm film and was scanned in SD to DigiBeta tapes. So I did an SD-to-720p upres using Apple Compressor. You can watch the film below with English subtitles (activate the CC […]

VFX Test for an upcoming Commercial Project

To create a commercial for 3D printed jewelry, I am collaborating with 3D artist/filmmaker Noah Hähnel to showcase his jewelry in a fairy-tale-like fashion. The jewelry is designed in Cinema 4D (C4D) and printed into different materials. In the commercial vines are magically coming to life and eventually turn into jewelry. Watch on Youtube This first test […]
Canon 70D Movie AF

Canon 70D Movie AF Test

In this short video I am testing the new Dual Pixel AF of the Canon 70D in movie mode to see how good it can track an object when the camera is moving. All shots are done with the Canon 17-55 2.8 IS USM. As you can see the AF does a very good job […]

Director’s Reel

So here is my Director’s Reel / Showreel. It is two minutes long and only includes work I have directed (fiction and some commercial work) up until December 2012. For newer projects check my blog or browse specific categories on the right sidebar.